In late 1991 having attended a Member's day get-together organized by the Vintage Car Club (VCOC), the late Mr. Mana Jayawardena, President of the Classic Car Club for 17 years, came to the realization that there were many cars that had collector's value which were not part of the VCOC or any other club. Having contacted the VCOC requesting them to consider expanding their coverage to bring in numerous Classic Cars, Mr. Jayawardena and the then President of the VCOC, Mr. Farih Fouz came to the understanding that the VCOC should maintain their classification criteria and a separate club should be formed to cover classic vehicles in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Jayawardena and Mr. Fouz called together a group of classic car enthusiasts - Mr. James P. Obeysekera , the late Mr. Edward Mason, Mr. Bri Ponnambalam, Mr & Mrs. Farih Fouz, Mr. Arjun Deraniyagala and Mr. M. Balasubramaniam, to discuss the possibility of setting up a new club. All present were unanimous in the decision that they should form a club catering to Classic Vehicles.

A series of meetings ensued, and within two months a detailed club constitution was drafted. By this time it was decided that the club was going to be named the Classic Car Club of Ceylon and no sooner the late Mr. Cyril Gardiner heard about its formation, he immediately contacted the club and agreed to host the inaugural meeting at his expense at Galle Face Hotel.

With the inaugural meeting taking place on the 8th of April 1992, the Classic Car Club of Ceylon was launched.

The Classic Car owners who attended the inaugural meeting were admitted as founder members. The enthusiasm for the club was apparent and within 8 months we had already hosted 2 events. The first event was a short Member's day rally which started opposite the Art Gallery in Colombo and ended at Trans Asia Hotel, then known as the Renaissance Hotel, followed by a lunch. The Second event was the Christmas Party that started opposite Galle Face Hotel, who were also sponsors of the event, and ending at the BMICH. By this time the Club had about 50 members. Today the club has achieved all its primary intentions and has gone from strength to strength, organizing a minimum of 2-3 events per year and a steady increase in memberships.

The club is also well known for organizing the 'much looked forward to' event - Ceylon Motor Show which has become a fixed calendar event in Sri Lanka since the first show was held in 2000. The club has also achieved international recognition and is now affiliated to the International controlling body of self-propelled historic vehicles of France (FIVA).